ColorStay Skin Awaken™ 5-in-1 Concealer - Revlon

The concealer stick that camouflages in any light!

Medium (4)
Medium (4)
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Multitasking 5-in-1 concealer erases, perfects, brightens, hydrates and refreshes skin for a flawlessly awake look. Wears comfortably for up to 24 hours. The ultra-lightweight, buildable formula is infused with Caffeine and Vitamin C, and hides imperfections and dark circles, while brightening skin and camouflaging puffiness. Choose from various natural-finish shades spanning light, medium, deep and universal tones. It’s your daily wake-up call!
  • Formulated with Caffeine and Vitamin C, this multipurpose concealer erases dark circles while brightening your skin
  • The Neutraliser shade counteracts dullness and yellow tones
  • 24-hour wear
  • Using the mess-free, antibacterial sponge tip applicator, dab on the multitasking, long-wearing concealer
  • Dot concealer onto dark circles, starting under the inner corners of your eyes
  • Blending out lightly with your ring finger (avoid using your pointer, because it’s easy to apply too much pressure and will smear the concealer)
  • Apply in a gentle patting motion
  • Build until you have desired coverage
  • Now, move on to any imperfections and dark spots, and just dot and gently blend

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