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Revlon was founded in 1932, by Charles Revson and his brother Joseph, along with a chemist, Charles Lachman, who contributed the "L" in the REVLON name. Starting with a single product - a nail enamel unlike any before it - the three founders pooled their meager resources and developed a unique manufacturing process.

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Revlon is a global color cosmetics, hair color, beauty tools, fragrances, skincare, anti-perspirant / deodorants and beauty care products company whose vision is Glamour, Excitement and Innovation through High-quality Products at Affordable Prices. Revlon® is one of the strongest consumer brand franchises in the world. Revlon’s global brand portfolio includes Revlon® color cosmetics, Almay® color cosmetics, SinfulColors® color cosmetics, Pure Ice® color cosmetics, Revlon ColorSilk® hair color, Revlon® beauty tools, Charlie® fragrances, Mitchum® anti-perspirant / deodorants, and Ultima II® and Gatineau® skincare and its products are sold in over 100 countries across six continents. Websites featuring current product and promotional information can be reached at, and

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Since 1932, Revlon has developed a long-standing reputation as a trendsetter in the world of cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, and personal care. Revlon's vision is to provide glamour, excitement and innovation through quality products at affordable prices.

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Cancervive is a survivor-driven organization that was established because of the dire need for cancer education in South African communities, schools, mines, factories etc., especially in the remote rural areas where access to information is a challenge.

At the core of what they do is to educate about early detection, knowing ones body and being aware of what to look for. The multiple myths about the disease that have silenced so many cancer sufferers because of fear of rejection, are addressed and unraveled.  Every year this brave and inspirational team of survivors and supporters take to the road in their unique and vibrant way  in a huge convoy of motorbikes and cars. They share their powerful message by incorporating elements of music, theatre, dance and storytelling and do so in seven different languages. The gripping theme of “WE WILL NOT BE SILENT!” resonates with such effect everywhere they go.

In the 6yrs since Cancervive was established, the project has grown immensely because of the passionate commitment to dramatically impact cancer statistics in our country, by empowering the people with knowledge. As a company, REVLON SOUTH AFRICA, has worked closely with Cancervive to keep improving the effectivity and relevance of the education. 

Look Good Feel Better:


Look Good Feel Better helps women facing the trauma and stress of cancer, assisting them to overcome the distressing appearance related side effects of their treatment. Self-confidence and self-esteem can be at an all-time low, especially after suffering hair loss, pale or sallow complexion, uneven skin tone etc. Specially trained volunteer beauty professionals guide patients through the 12 step skin care and make up regime with each woman using her gift of products which she takes home to practice to make the very best of her appearance. These hands on sessions provide patients with the opportunity to forget about their illness and enjoy a time of pampering, fun and laughter. They meet and share with others going through similar experiences and, most importantly, look and feel fabulous when they leave the session.

And when a woman takes control of looking good, something wonderful happens... she feels better too!

 The Look Good... Feel Better programme, run under the CTFA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association of South Africa) is generously supported by CTFA member companies; other companies within the cosmetic industry, as well as other supporting companies and individuals.